Prayer posted July 2, 2013

Dedicated to: All past, present and future military
Posted by: Lyn Salvo in Tucson, AZ
Prayer: Dear Ones, My prayer is that God will hold you safely in His Hand while you are in service and as you return home. Your sacrifice, along with that of your loved ones, is humbling, and I hope that you come to understand that you are cherished, prayed over, and thought of more often than you realize. If you do not yet know Jesus, I pray that you will find Him and take shelter in the protection only He can offer. He is the ultimate Warrior--fierce in battle and gentle with those who need His protection. I also pray that each day you get a glimpse of the love and beauty God wants to offer, even in the midst of inclement weather, long shifts and unspoken loneliness. You are not forgotten! In Christ's love, Amen
Source: Original work.