Prayer posted July 1, 2013

Dedicated to: To All Service Men and Women
Posted by: Linda B. in Land of The Free/U.S.A.
Prayer: July 1st 2013 my family toured Gettysburg,Pa and as we learned about each sides brave soldiers we also learned of their LOVE for God, Country and Family. Dear Heavenly Father, protect and shield all that serve so that this land can remain FREE! Lord let them know they are appreciated and loved by us even though we don't know them personally. May Jesus Christ bless each of you and your families! Thank you seems so inadequate, but please know that it comes from our heart! May our Lord, hold you, comfort you keeping you alert through each mission. Oh Lord give them Faith for each trial. Luke 12:31 Seek God's kingdom, and all the other things you need will be given to you. Amen!
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