Prayer posted March 2, 2013

Dedicated to: To all servicepersonnel and families
Posted by: Joyce Clasen in La Palma, CA
Prayer: WAIT ON THE LORD Is it difficult for you to wait? There are so many times that you have no choice but to wait. It may make you anxious, or impatient. It may put you on edge, and nervous. Time seems to move so slowly when it is necessary to wait. Sometimes big mistakes are made when you act hastily. God asks you to wait, and when you do, there is a promise included: Wait on the LORD be of good courage and He shall strengthen your heart. Wait, I say, on the LORD. Psalm 27:14 This promise is worth the effort. When your Father strengthens your heart, you have a better chance of success. When you wait instead of acting impulsively, it gives you time to contemplate your actions. It may allow you to realize that your first choice would not be the best for you. God can give you answers as you take time to be calm. God may want to answer in a way that you could not do on your own. God has a greater perspective of your life, and can direct you in a way that will be a blessing to all who are involved. I wait for the LORD, my soul waits and in His word do I hope. Psalm 130:5,6 You may think that you can only wait for just a short time and then move ahead with an important decision or action. However, when you wait on the Lord, you release the time frame to His master plan. You give God control of the situation, to deal with it in His way and His time. That may seem difficult to do, but the results are greater than anything you could manage on your own. You can trust the wisdom of the Lord of heaven and earth to guide you and direct your ways. His time, His way, accomplishes His purpose, and answers the desires of your heart. Count on the Holy Spirit to give you peace that passes understanding. To wait on the Lord is the best decision you can make. Your Father loves you and works all things for your good. Your relationship with Him is what matters most. Joyfully, Joyce
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