Prayer posted September 18, 2011

Dedicated to: Those who serve with honor to defend & protect
Posted by: Ann M. Wolf in Smoky Mountains of TN
Prayer: Heavenly Father we pray…. for You to remain with us every moment, to lead and guide us in becoming the loving and caring people of God that You have in mind; that by Your Spirit we might be formed into vessels of honor, mercy and peace, and be able to fulfill the call and mission that You have for our souls and for our lives. We pray…. that we can hold fast to Your Spirit and to the Ways of the Spirit, learning to respond to all situations as You would have us do; that others would see Your light, love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, tolerance, forgiveness, mercy, patience, and love in us; that we might be Lighthouses for You in this world; as Your Light in us draws people to Your Shelter and Healing Presence. Heavenly Father, we lift up in prayer…. all Your Saints who are depending on Your Holy Spirit, including all of those who minister in Your Name. We lift up those who suffer persecution because of their Love for You. We lift up those who are “The Called” according to Your Purpose, that they might remain in You as You remain in them, with all of their needs met, their hearts encouraged and their spirits kept strong as they carry out their work in the mission fields of this world. We pray…. for the workers of compassion and mercy, for parents, teachers, social workers, for protection, defense and rescue officers and for all those who are in service to others, in our country and throughout the world; that these loving souls may have everything that they need, right on time, for their good works, for their missions and their ministries; that through them, help may reach those in need while these workers remain strong and encouraged themselves. Lord God, we pray …. for our National and World Leaders, for our Commanders in Chief and for all National and International Public Servants down through our state and local community workers, that they might seek Godly Wisdom in all their affairs and decisions and that they too, would have all the resources needed to govern in a Godly manner yet lead, according to Your Will. We lift up in prayer …. those who are sick or suffering in any way, that comfort reaches them, healing encourages them with hope sustained. Lord God, we pray… that you would help us to become willing to do Your Will in all ways, to seek Your Voice in all our affairs, to be willing to stand fast in what needs to remain and to be willing to change what needs to be changed, to remain teachable and open to all the ways in which You speak to us & through whom You speak to us; that we might remain humble and entreat-able no matter what the position or office that You have placed us in to serve. Help us see others through Your Holy Spirit, as You see them. Help us forgive and help us ask for forgiveness when needed. Help us forgive ourselves when we err, and lead us back to the ways of the Spirit that we might act no longer in error, but joyfully live by the leading of Your Spirit. Be with us Jesus… We wish to walk with You every day and feel You with us each moment, to share Your Beauty and Grace with everyone we meet. Let it shine from our eyes Lord and be felt in our touch. Let it resound in our voices, That it might be celebrated in all we do. That the work of our hands be worship. That the song from our hearts be praise. That our laughter break through any sadness and that our tears can be of the joy and strength that we find in You as we share all these things with one another, as Family. Jesus, you comforted us when you said.. “Be not afraid, for I have overcome the world” So we ask Lord, that you help us “Remember You” always and keep our eyes on You throughout the trials of life and through these changing times That our joy and our strength would be in You; that You use us to be a blessing and bring comfort to others as we are also blessed and comforted. Now, I lift up my family Lord, each member to you. I lift up my extended family, friends and acquaintances. I lift up my community Lord, each member to You. I lift up my Spiritual family Lord, each member to You. I lift up those members of the Message of the Lighthouse and Lighthouse Leadership in Action community who are all throughout the world, that they might be blessed and protected and have all that they stand in need of. I lift up those whom You have brought to my attention who stand in need of prayer….. I bring to You these concerns of my heart…. as I place my confidence and hope in You and in Your Guidance. I thank You now…. For all the blessings and resources that You have sent. Help me use them Lord, the Way You intended. And I thank you....For the fulfillment of prayer; I thank you that You Are Who You Are.... Today, Always and Forever By the authority granted in the Precious Name of Jesus, we pray. To hear this prayer and other inspirational songs on Open MP3 Player: Words by Ann M. Wolf – c 2010 – BMI – All rights reserved.
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