Prayer posted May 13, 2011

Dedicated to: All servicemen and families
Posted by: Joyce Clasen in La Palma, CA
Prayer: WALK WITH GOD What a privilege it would be to be able to actually walk with God. Adam shared that blessing when he was in the Garden of Eden. There was a close relationship between Adam and God that brought peace and joy. To walk with someone you love speaks of a sense of intimacy and friendship, a special enjoyment in their presence. There is unity and pleasure and freedom to express yourself when you walk with God. Enoch walked with God for three hundred years. That closeness with God took him right into the very presence of God. (Genesis 5;22) Noah also walked with God, and was saved from the flood. He obeyed and followed all that God told him to do. (Genesis 6:9) Abraham was called the friend of God. (James 2:23) What a privilege! That friendship led him to leave his homeland and move his family to the land that God promised him. Because he was a friend of God, he had faith in the leading that God gave him. He was not afraid. Even in difficult times, God protected Abraham and his household. Walking with God and having faith go together. When you walk with God, there is relationship and pleasure for both you and God. It brings a great fulfillment to your life. When you walk with God, you should be ready and willing to follow Him. He will show you the right path. You will trust what He tells you. You will experience the sense of love and direction which only comes with an awareness of the very presence of God. You are loved, cherished, protected, taught, encouraged, and guided. God knows the way when you are confused. God knows the directions when you are lost. God knows the answers when you have difficult questions. God knows the safe path when there is danger. God desires for you to walk with Him. He desires your company. He desires your heart. Walk humbly with God, and enjoy His blessing. Joyfully, Joyce
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