Prayer posted October 26, 2010

Dedicated to: All servicemen and families
Posted by: Joyce Clasen in La Palma, CA
Prayer: HE TOUCHED ME Are you comforted when someone close to you will come and give you a hug? It is a wonderful thing to experience the warmth and love that a caring person can give. That touch can change your focus from the depth of the problem, to the awareness of someone who is willing to step forward and share in your need. You know you are not alone. Jesus gave of himself in his three years of ministry. There were many who came to him for healing. Many who listened to his messages. But the most tender moments were when Jesus stopped and touched someone. Jesus touched a man who was deaf and could not speak he was healed. Mark 7:33 Jesus raised the man by the hand who had an evil spirit cast out, and he arose. Mark 9:27 Jesus touched a woman who was crippled and bent over for eighteen years, and she was immediately made straight and she glorified God. Luke 13:13 Jesus took the young children in his arms, laid his hands upon them and blessed them. Mark 10:16 How wonderful it was that Jesus took time out of his schedule to bless the children, to play with them, hold them in His arms and enjoy them. They felt his warmth, they knew they were loved and accepted. You may have the desire to be touched by Jesus. He heals physical problems, but he also heals spiritual, emotional and psychological problems. Jesus will often use those Christians around you to share His love and compassion. Their arms are for you the arms of Jesus, reaching out with their heart. It is the Holy Spirit using Christian brothers and sisters to give you the comfort you need. You are just a step away from receiving the healing touch that you need in your life. Let others reach out to you, pray over you, wrap their arms around you. Those who accepted the touch of Jesus were never the same, and you, too, will be changed. Joyfully, Joyce
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