Prayer posted May 19, 2010

Dedicated to: All servicemen and families
Posted by: Joyce Clasen in La Palma, CA
Prayer: FAITHFULNESS What a wonderful word ‘faithfulness’ is. It gives the concept of devotion, commitment, endurance and of course, love. Much is said in the Bible about the faithfulness of God. How awesome to be loved by God and know that His faithfulness never ends. Psalm 119:90 Your faithfulness endures to all generations. The faithfulness of God means that you can depend on Him, rely on Him, and trust Him. This gives you confidence in His promises. It means that He represents fully all that He says He is. He is Truth. He is Love. He is Creator-God. He is Father. He is Savior. He is merciful. Psalm 89:8 Your faithfulness also surrounds You. Isaiah 25:1 Your counsels of old are faithfulness and truth. God accepts you with total forgiveness when you place your trust in Him, truly repent and accept His gift. Your step of believing brings to you all of the privileges of being part of God’s family. The faithfulness of God assures you that it is true. He gives you: Beauty for ashes The oil of joy for mourning The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness Isaiah 61:3 You can believe the good news. You can trust God who promised. Great is Your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:23 Joyfully, Joyce
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