Prayer posted December 23, 2009

Dedicated to: Friend
Posted by: Anonymous in SC
Prayer: Heavenly Father, I pray that you be with Steve and the others of 2/2. Dear Lord I pray that you surround them with a hedge of protection and a peace that passes all understanding. Lord, I ask that you give them all the strength and courage to know you are walking with them in each and every battle. I pray that they know that through you, anything is possible. I pray for all of the families and loved ones of 2/2 this Holiday season, that they be filled with a warmth and love that only you can give. I ask dear Lord, that you provide us with a sense of peace and allow us to be strong for the ones we love, our heros. Please be with them throughout the rest of their mission, and allow them to feel the love we share for each and every one of them.
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