Prayer posted May 19, 2009

Dedicated to: The American Fighting Man and Women
Posted by: Bill Davis in Troy, Ohio
Prayer: I want you Men and Women to know how proud I am of the job you do and have done. I always think of you and pray earnestly for the day that you come home. Lets not forget the loved ones back here in the world. The tremendous sacrifice you willing make as the spouse of a service member, not knowing and worrying while you assume the single parent role in the family. As a Christian I am always thinking about how fortunate we are to be able to gather together and Worship God. It is your service, and those before you, that allows me to do this with out fear of someone crashing thru the door and taking me away to jail. I pray the Lord give you the courage to do the work you must, and He continue to watch over you and your family, and bless us with His Grace, and return you safely to your loved ones. This I pray in the name of our Lord, Jesus the Christ. Amen.
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