Prayer posted December 23, 2008

Dedicated to: All servicemen and families
Posted by: Joyce Clasen in La Palma, CA
Prayer: God chooses to reveal Himself to you through various names given to Him in the Bible. The names for God identify His character, His nature, and something unique about Him. The names for God also reveals how you may come to know Him personally through experience. God told Moses His name is I AM WHO I AM. He was to share that name with the Israelites. It means God is eternal. Moses also learned "The Lord is My Banner" when he was helped to hold his arms up in battoe. When Abraham prepared to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice, He met God as Jehovah Jirah - God my provider. How has God revealed Himself to you lately. David in the Psalms speaks if God as: my comfort, my shepherd,my counselor, my deliverer, my rock, my shield, my salvation, my hiding place. Thank the Father for revealing Himself to you in a special way. Joyfully, Joyce
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