Prayer posted November 14, 2008

Dedicated to: Our young soldiers
Posted by: Karen Barber in Alpharetta, GA
Prayer: Dear Father, We thank you for the strength of our young soldiers who have volunteered to be a part of our military. We thank you for the optimism and vitality of body and spirit they bring. Help them mature through their service to our country into even stronger men and women who know how to work hard under difficult conditions until the job gets done. We pray that their friends back home who are looking for meaning in life will see in our young soldiers the spirit of service. Help them be inspired by their strength that comes in being part of a larger calling so that all of our young people may be led to look for loftier callings. May none of it be done in their own strength, but through the supernatural strength of our ever present God within them. Amen.
Source: Original work.