Prayer posted September 6, 2008

Dedicated to: All Service Members
Posted by: APG Post Chapel Gospel Service-Women's Ministry in Aberdeen, MD
Prayer: Father God I send your word to all our servicemembers who read this prayer, I ask you to touch them today so they may feel your presents, keep them safe and filled with love faith and joy as you use them to protect their country. Let them be reminded that you are with them always. Our women's ministry will keep you in prayer and will continue to forward prayers to you. HOW TO HAVE STRONG FAITH, NORMAN PEALE: 1. Think: A first step in developing a strong faith is to reporgram how you think. Shift from a negative to a positive outlook in your thoughts. Add up the possibilities and depreciate the impossiblities. Then you will begin to take on the characteristics of a person of faith. 2. Saturate: Copy every statement of faith that you can find in the bible. Then proceed to embed those faith concepts into your consciousness. To do this, constantly repeat, memorize and dwell upon those great faith statements, until they become a part of you. 3. Recondition: Change your point of view by reconditioning your attitudes. Instead of visualizing the worst, image the best. 4. Believer: Through meditation, prayer and Biblical practice, become a believer. A strong creative power is given to a beleiver. And those things that have previously defeated you lose their ability to determine outcomes. A believer is victorious. 5. Guidance: Learn the secret of guidance, which is to believe that God directs your life and leads you down the right pathway. Practice trusting the Lord, for He will never lead you wrong. If you have not received Christ as your personal savior, I would like to take to opporunity to offer salvation to you: If you pray this small prayer and receive Christ as your personal savior, you are saved! Father, God I ask you to open your arms up for this person who is seeking to know you and be saved. You said in your word "John 3:16" For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever beleive him shall not perish but have everlasting life. If you prayed this small prayer, you are apart of God's kingdom, as a believer. Our women's ministry is rejoicing for you and if you need bibles or anything please let us know. God Bless The Women of Grace Ministry APG Post Chapel
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