Prayer posted June 23, 2008

Dedicated to: all service personnel
Posted by: Kerri in Mission, British Columbia, Canada
Prayer: If it were up to me If it were up to me. Authorís note:This poem is written in honor of all soldiers who are or have been in situations where they have been in the middle of fighting, especially those who have lost a mother. Thanks for your help, Meatball Surgeons. IF it were up to me, his days would never be filled with pain, Down would pour showers of refreshing rain, If it were up to me. If it were up to me, my son would not be watching innocents die Nor would he be too afraid to cry. If it were up to me. If it were up to me, he would not ever be alone, Or afraid evil had forever arrested justice's throne. If it were up to me. But I am not of this earth, I who gave him birth. I can only watch him from up above, yearning to instill into him my maternal love. But I cannot brush away the tears that pour, Ďcause I am no more. As I sit high upon this cloud, my son's face is darkened by a shroud, A shroud of pain, deep anguish, of young menís death, One of dark humor, much regret. And I ache to hold him yet, But I am no more and cannot rescue him from this horrid war. Though Iím no longer of this earthly life, I watch my baby suffer through endless strife, I can guide him from above, instilling into him humanitarian love. I can make him see, that hope springs unabated, eternally.
Source: Original work.