Prayer posted May 9, 2008

Dedicated to: MY Son Chris and all military, vets and boots
Posted by: Lynne Kaiser in Dallas, TX
Prayer: My sons, my daughters, I've adopted you all. When my son joined, I had another family that automatically entered my heart. I filled the moon each night with my prayers of safety, healing, and courage for us all. If you ever feel that no care is listening, or that some may not care, look to the moon. There is one crazy woman in TX., mother, sister, daughter, cousin, that is a Proud American and someone that understands your duty and sacrifice, praying to fill the moon each night for you all. If the moon shines on me, then you must know that when it's shining on you, that light is our love and prayers surrounding you with love and hope. If it is cloudy, use your faith, it's still there whether you can see it or not. God bless and keep you all, and hold your family's hearts in courage and hope. Thank you all for your service. Love Lynne
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