Prayer posted May 1, 2008

Dedicated to: All Active Duty Military
Posted by: Teresa Passananti in Valparaiso, Indiana
Prayer: The Word of God tells us that our real struggles day to day originate in the spiritual realm. Satan is behind every kind of evil present in the world, but there is power in the Blood of Jesus. Send Satan fleeing by this prayer over yourself and fellow troops. "I plead the Blood of Christ Jesus that was shed for me at Calvary. I am free. I plead the blood of Christ Jesus over my family. I plead the blood of Christ Jesus over my unit and fellow troops." You can name specific names, also. You must say it verbally becuase that is what brings it to power.God reads our hearts and minds, but satan does not have that power. We can't see the Blood covering with our human eyes, but satan and his army see it in the spirit realm and it will send them fleeing. All the power of what Christ did for us is found in the Blood. When you plead the Blood you are asking God to cover you and put up a shield of protection around whoever and wherever and whatever you plead the Blood for. Protect your family, home and vehicle and any area that Satan will try to harm or corrupt. God Bless You All.
Source: Original work.