Prayer posted April 28, 2008

Dedicated to: friend
Posted by: Marsha & Feather Meow in Prairie Village, Kansas
Prayer: I rescued my cat, Feather, one cold day in November last year. She is a beauty with long black and brown hair with a touch of white at the very end of her tail. You ought to see all the toys I buy her -- glow in the dark balls with ribbons, feathered "prey" balls that she tosses into the air, and 4" catnip mice and a yellow & fuchsia striped catnip sock that she wrestles. When I kneel to pray at night, Feather jumps onto the bedquilt, curls up and purrs. So tonight, we will both say a prayer for the military that goes something like this: "May the Holy Spirit touch each soul, bringing comfort and peace. Be obedient to the Father and trust in the Lord who is good. This world is but a shadow of the glory that is to be. Keep the faith and know that love is forever."
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