Prayer posted April 21, 2008

Dedicated to: My "son" in the US Army
Posted by: Jewel Adcock in Etowah, NC
Prayer: Father, when my boys were little one was afraid in the night and I prayed for a band of angels around his bed to protect him. He slept. When my boys grew to teens they brought in others who became "my boys' also. They totaled 6 in all. I gave them to You every time they left my presence. I prayed for angels around each one of them. I slept. Now they are grown and one has chosen to serve his county. He choses to put his very life in danger so that the rest of us can remain free and safe. Lord, I pray for all my boys, but for this one Lord, please surround him with your angels, keep him close to You, protect him, guide him, let him feel you close and help him to know his "Momma" is praying for him, loves him and is so proud of him. Thank you Lord for the blessing he has been in my life. In your holy and precious name. Amen
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