Prayer posted April 18, 2008

Dedicated to: Our Troops - Our Heroes
Posted by: Syn-Dee Ramirez in McAllen, Texas
Prayer: It's an every morning must for a prayer I do for all of you who so bravely have given to us and to our country. Everytime I see a soldier, a newscast, a newspaper clipping, I bow my head and think of all of you. Although we may have never interfaced, I hold you in my heart and always in my prayers. At our office I have a door full of military personnel pics that my clients bring me. I place them on my doors and now my walls and every morning as I walk in I place my hands on the pictures and say my prayer. At the end of every work day as I pass those pictures I stop to stare at every face I've posted with pride and so much respect. This past 4th of July, Veterans Day and Memorial Day, I made over 5,000 yellow bows and placed them all over the street my office is adjacent to. All the residents more than willingly accepted a ribbon on at least one of their trees and to date, they are still there. I'm making new ones for this 4th of July and this time I have had white and yellow ballons and helium donated so that when our parade comes about the balloons will be released in honor of our troops and fallen men/women. We love you so very much! Respectfully, SYNDEE
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