Prayer posted April 17, 2008

Dedicated to: my daddy
Posted by: allison marie mcdaniel in childersburg,al
Prayer: daddy , i love you so much it was a really hard time when you left and i cannot wait till you get home you are fighting for our freedom and for that i am proud of you i love you so much and i miss you even more every day you are gone i am only 12 years old but this is coming from the bottom for my heart daddy i really want you to hear this I LOVE YOU AND I CAN'T STAND YOU NOT BEING THERE i am your baby girl and i just want you home and every night i pray for the safe return for all of the american soliders please if any one is reading this please pray for not just a solider but my daddy i love him very much and he needs all of the prayers he can get his name is john william mcdaniel and i love him very much "daddy i wan't you back " well i love you always allison marie mcdaneil
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