Prayer posted April 6, 2008

Dedicated to: A soldier getting ready for the battlefield
Posted by: Joy Sanders in Dallas, Tx
Prayer: Dear Lord, I'm in a battlefield with no guarantee I'll come out alive. I want to be sure things are straightened out with you Lord because I don't want to spend eternity without you. At one time I asked Jesus to forgive my sins and I knew he loved me. But years have passed and I have been hurt by the thoughtlessness of many. Thankyou that even though people have let me down, you never changed Lord. You never stopped loving me and waiting for me to come back to you. Lord, there is no way I can meet your high standard of holiness. Thankyou that Jesus was willing to die for me so I could come to you Father. Thankyou for the peace I have in my heart knowing even if I die, I will spend eternity with you. In Jesus name, Amen.
Source: Original work.