Prayer posted November 25, 2007

Dedicated to: All military families
Posted by: Joyce Clasen in La Palma, CA
Prayer: The Bible shares the wonderful news of who Jesus really is. God says you can know the truth through His Word. Consider what the Bible says about Jesus: He is the image of the invisible God. Colossians 1:15 He is the WORD who became flesh and lived among us. John 1:14 He is the express image of God's person. He is the Light of the world. John 8:14. He is the humble servant who gave up everything to come and save us. Philippians 2:7 Once you know the truth you are able to reach out and praise Him. Give Him the glory He deserves. Your communication with Him will give you joy, peace and overflowing love. Joyfully, Joyce
Source: Original work.