Prayer posted October 31, 2007

Dedicated to: Tyrone Nutter
Posted by: Desiree Nutter in Misawa AB, Japan
Prayer: Dearest and most precious Lord, I come to tonight and ask that you keep my husband. Keep him safe, keep him strong, and remind him everyday of the love that we have for him. Lord, touch his spirit and fill him with peace. Let him know that YOU are all he needs to survive. I pray for his obedience to your Word and your calling on his life. I pray that you allow him to rise above the negative around him and be the light that others so desperately need in their lives. I pray that you help him to see that he can do ALL things in Christ. Don't let him be afraid Lord. Give him courage and wisdom. I pray for his mind, body, and spirit. Remind him that NO weapon formed against him shall prosper. Please God, let him feel my love. When he needs it the most, give him a sense of peace that surpasses any peacefulness that he's felt before. Let him be still and know that YOU are God, and you are not just worthy to be praised, you ARE to be praised. In the good times and bad, you are on your throne and you are God alone. Keep my husband. I pray for the team that he is deployed with and I pray all these things in your most holy name Father, Amen.
Source: Original work.