Prayer posted September 27, 2007

Dedicated to: Those who have been deployed a long time
Posted by: Karen Barber in Alpharetta, GA
Prayer: Here are words from WWII that still ring true written by Victor Rhein: The eternal God is thy dwelling-place, and underneath are the everlasting arms. (Deut. 33:27) Psycholgists tell us that one of the fundamental fears of an infant is that of physical insecurity. A baby fears lack of support. But the suport underneath of the arms of a father or mothers sets the child at ease. While we are not babies, that need for a power to sustain lives with us throughout our life. The knowledge that God is our strength and that "underneath are the everlasting arms" is basic for heroic, courageous living. Prayer: Eternal Father, as Thou has led men and women of the past through darkness to light, through despair to hope, through tragedy to trimuph, we place our confidence in Thee. Make us to feel the sustaining power of Thy Everlasting Arms underneath us. Amen.
Source: Strength for Service to God and Country, Abingdon Press 1942T