Prayer posted September 21, 2007

Dedicated to: Our Soldiers
Posted by: dorothy johnson in New Lebanon, Ohio
Prayer: Confession A Plea for Amnesty My sin scarred soul, I will lay At the feet of Jesus, this day. In prayer I will call out to Him Realizing my time is growing dim. I will voice my petition And wait for recognition Of a heart full of sorrow With promises to do better tomorrow. For sins committed in the past, I beg forgiveness at long last. He gave me amnesty for what I had done, Due to the sacrifice of His son. Thank GOD, for no more fears. Joy is overflowing in the form of tears. I feel His presence As I breathe in His essence. I savor the sweetness of His love Decending upon me as a dove. His spirit mingles with mine and abides with me for all time.
Source: Original work.