Prayer posted September 13, 2007

Dedicated to: All Military People
Posted by: Carol Johnson in Florence, SD
Prayer: His Rod Equqls Prayer Earlier I noted that the shepherd's rod was a powerful weapon used to protect sheep. If you were a shepherd , you learned who the enemy was. You knew the silhouettes of wolves and the sounds of lions on the prowl.You were fully trained in the use of the rod to kill any predator. When you were taking your flock through dark and uncertain places, you'd stand ready to protect them. It made sense that the sheep would draw comfort from such powerful protections. Likewise, at times in your life when you are in dangerous territory, remind yourself that your Shepherd is with you, he has a rod-and he knows how to use it !! You and I , as God's shepp, have a deadly predator that 1Peter 5:8 warns us about, "BE self-controlled and alert. YOur enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour."This is a real danger, and when we are going through tough times, we may be more inclined to stray,which makes us even more vulnerable to the enemy of our souls. We need to remain alert and let our Shepherd lead us on the "paths of righteousness." Most importantly, we need to stay close to our Shepherd because he has the power to fend off the enemy's attacks against us. But you might ask, :How does that work ? How can I stay close to the shepherd when in my fear and insecurities I'm prone to stray away?" The answer is in God's staff. God Bless all of you and may He keep you under His wings.
Source: Chip Ingram