Prayer posted September 8, 2007

Dedicated to: Our Troops
Posted by: Chelsea in Cumming, GA
Prayer: As we turn on the TV in today’s world, We can watch what happens over there. On occasion the screen will go blank, And many names will appear. Their faces smile out to the world, For they are proud to say, They are fighting for the U.S. of A. There are still many of others, Who are fighting for, Peace, Love, and Freedom. Many have come back, Many have died, Many are still out there fighting tonight. Those who be believe, And those who dream, Help those who are away. As I pledge to our flag, I think about the unknown tags, That lie on the unmarked man. Some sit and cry, Others pray and laugh, That the ones they love, Will soon be back. You’ve heard of miracles, You’ve heard of faith, So hear this, Our troops are over seas, To bring peace to you and me. They will not surrender, They will not give up, They will fight for Liberty and Justice, For all. Our country will never run, Although our hearts my weigh a ton, We will stick together, And become one. An Allegiance means loyalty, So that is what we must be. We must serve our duty, Here today to help those, Who have fought to be Free. For we are the Nation under God, And we must show them over there, That no matter what they do, They will never defeat us, For we are the United States of America.
Source: Original work.