Prayer posted September 8, 2007

Dedicated to: All troops serving our country.
Posted by: joni pilaske
Prayer: Not necessarily MY own work, this prayer is offered as a result of something the Lord laid on my heart. Dear Lord: I pray that our soldiers would: Turn to the Lord Jesus, begin to witness to the Muslims and have a revival right there in the desert, That the new converts would pray also and the fighting would stop, speak God's word over any Muslim POWs instead of inflicting anything physical and THIS would serve as THE brainwash above all brainwashses, that people across the world would stand in awe and begin to worship You and that they would see that there is something to this Christianity and try it for themselves, and that all would worship the true God. I pray also that the soldiers would set an example to the people back home for interdenominational (Chrisitan) friendships That they would show US how it's done. In Jesus' name Amen!!
Source: Original work.