Prayer posted August 29, 2007

Dedicated to: All Service Men and Women
Posted by: Lenore Ottens in Quaker Hill, CT
Prayer: Hello everyone- haven't been on line, but my big news is that today is the first day of school here - I'm sure the kiddies all love that! I take my grandson in until he can get the "boot" off his leg and go back to riding the bus. I want to thank all of you for helping us keep free enough to go to school - personally I always liked school and I think my grandson does, too. Not like his mom- she never did like school. Aren't we all such funny, different creatures - and in spite of all our differences, likes and dislikes, God loves us just as we are.What a very comforting thought that is. Take care of yourselves and each other. God bless and keep you safe. Your friend in Ct - Lenore
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