Prayer posted August 29, 2007

Dedicated to: All of our US soldiers and our allies
Posted by: Kay S DeLoach in Claxton, Ga.
Prayer: When you pray be very specific. Don't ask GOD to protect all the soldiers in Iraq, the enemy has soldiers too. My prayer for you: Dear God I ask that you cover each and every US soldier and our allies soldiers with the BLOOD OF JESUS and protect them from all harm. Let evil know them by name (if the Devil knows you by name he knows that you belong to GOd and that he can not touch you). Walk with them every step that they take thru life guiding them physically and spiritually and protecting them from all harm. Give them the gift of discernment so that they will know what you are showing them to do. Let our enemies stand out like a sore thumb so that we know who they are. We ask this in Jesus name and as always your will be done not ours. AMEN
Source: Original work.