Prayer posted August 25, 2007

Dedicated to: All of you!
Posted by: PAT POISSO in Winnfield, LA
Prayer: I am 56 years old. I just spent the last 3 days taking care of my 2 month old granddaughter, she is beautiful. I worry about her future, and then I thought of you, fighting there to provide a future for her. I am not doing anything, except enjoying her, but you are putting your lives on the line to protect her and her brother and sister. I don't know how to begin to thank you. So, I pray for each of you. Dear Lord: Please protect these young men and women. They are facing danger every day, just to protect me and my family. They are someone's child, and I can't imagine the worry they are going through. Please keep them safe, and when the time comes, let them rememember their training that will keep them from harm. Let them feel your presence, know that you are with them, and be with their families too. I thank you for these young people, who are giving so much for our country. I thank you for picking the one's who will give up so much, just for our way of life, and I thank you for putting us in the USA. Please protect each and everyone of them. I love you Lord, and I know you love each of them. In Jesus's name. Amen
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