Prayer posted August 17, 2007

Dedicated to: LT.j.g. Jessica McClay & U.S.S. Ford
Posted by: Armed Forces Christian Ministry in P.O.Box 10261 Erie, pa. 16514
Prayer: Love does'n hide. It stays and fights. It goes the distance. That's why God made love so strong. So it can carry you.....all the way home. Sometimes you have to stand up and fight for what you believe in. And sometimes it takes even more courage to stay put, to hold your ground and refuse to be bullied... It doesn't change the bully. But it can change you. I ask God to protect LT. j.g. McClay and her ship mates. Dear Lord, hold them close, let them feel your closeness, bring them home safe to their loved ones. Bless them and their families. god bless you all. your brother in Christ, Bob
Source: When Angels Speak