Prayer posted August 14, 2007

Dedicated to: a special soldier
Posted by: Patricia Rowland in Georgetown, NY
Prayer: You are reading this special prayer at this very moment because God has led you here! This is a divine moment in your life and you are looking for love and guidance from a God who loves you and has every detail of your life in His hands. Follow Him, get to know Him intimately, study His Word and you shall know more joy and peace than you have ever known in your life! He is a faithful God, full of mercy and grace and He loves you no matter what! He loves you in spite of your faults, in spite of your misgivings, in spite of any terrible thing that you have ever done! You see, He loves YOU! He may not be pleased by things you have done, but God separates the sin from the sinner. His love has no conditions, like if you are good He will love you more. He could not love you anymore than He already does! He hates the sin but loves the sinner and has wonderful things in store for you and your life! Joy beyond compare is yours! Trust Him and His will for your life! Find someone that knows the Lord, ask Him(her)about their faith or make a special trip to your chaplain...make that committment today! Your life will never be the same! God bless you and may He protect you in your service to our country. I am proud of you!
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