Prayer posted August 12, 2007

Dedicated to: The Military
Posted by: Lita Johnson in Phoenix, AZ
Prayer: This is a way for anyone to "organize" their thoughts into prayer. It's easy to remember and to share. Use the ACTS Acrostic.... ADORATION: Worshipping and praising God with your heart, mind and voice. Praise Him for who He is. CONFESSION: Agreeing with God concerning any sins He brings to your mind. Allow time for private confession. THANKSGIVING: Giving thanks to God for who He is, what He has done, what He will do in our lives and what He is doing in the ministry; a prayer expressing gratitude. SUPPLICATION: Asking God for his divine help to meet needs, solve problems, work in someone's life, etc. OR the PRAY acrostic. Praise - Repent - Ask for someone else - Your own needs. I hold you all in prayer daily.
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