Prayer posted August 11, 2007

Dedicated to: My Son Bruce Keith, Jr
Posted by: Anna Sanborn in Carrabelle Florida
Prayer: Hevenly Father, I come to you today in the name of your Son Jesus Christ. Thanking you for the protection of our men and women in uniform. Knowing that you are the faithful Father and that nothing can happen to anyone that you are not aware of. You will always hold us in the hollow of your hand. You are not suprised about what will happen today. You are in all our tomorrows. I see the emeny as a roaring lion on a lease, that can only go so far and You as our Father will say "Hold on you can't thouch my people". We know that the enemy has to have permission to touch us. Father thank You for all you have alread done for us and keeping us in your hand. In Jesus Name I pray and Thank you for our BRAVE men and women in uniform. Anna Sanborn
Source: Original work.