Prayer posted August 9, 2007

Dedicated to: Chris & his Platoon
Posted by: Rikki Smith in Raleigh, North Carolina
Prayer: I heard about you (Chris) while working with my patient, I am a certified nursing assistant and my patient listens to inspirational tapes and I overheard the tape about you & your mother's e-mails & you needing prayers thus where I got this website. Like you I am not good at public prayers but I am good at saying thank you. So I am taking this opportunity to say thank you to you & your friends for standing up for America. It takes a very special person to do what you guys and girls do & I want you to know you are appreciated. You guys are the best and without people like you who knows where we would be. It takes so much to be where you guys are and I myself pray every day for the safety of all of you!
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