Prayer posted August 6, 2007

Dedicated to: Family member of a friend
Posted by: Carie Wimberly in Birmingham, Alabama
Prayer: Dear God, we praise you and thank you for who you are. For your immensity, that you are everywhere all the time, and right here with us now. For your infinite power that is available to us through your son, Jesus Christ. Thank you that your word says that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead, you make available to us, your servants. I pray right now that you would protect these men and women as they give everything they have to serve you and serve their country. Please give them strength, endurance, encouragement and peace. I pray that their physical, emotional and spiritual needs will be met through you and through others around them. I pray that all they will encounter will bring them into a deep and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ that they can then share with others, both in the field and when they come home. God, I pray for the successful end of this war so that they may return home to their friends and families very, very soon. God, please bless each one of these soldiers abundantly because of their incredible sacrifices. And most of all, I pray that your will would be done in this war, in this place, back home and in the lives of every man and woman hearing or reading this prayer. I say all these things, trusting and believing that you will answer all these prayers according to your will and your plan. I love you, Abba, Amen.
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