Prayer posted August 6, 2007

Dedicated to: 2 Grandsons, in harms way in Iraq
Posted by: Bernie & Judy in Central Wisconsin
Prayer: To:Tony & Adam. As you ready for each new mission, checking: ammo, water, fresh batteries, food, etc., THAT pause, to fit in your own thoughts and "pack" the needs of your soul for that day, as you kneel, WE kneel with you, as you pray, WE pray, "Most merciful and protective God, protect Tony & Adam this day and all days with your overwelming love and strength. As they serve and protect this Greatest Nation of America, help them also serve You and Your greater glory. Let Your mercy and justice transcend to their leaders to guide all those they serve with return home to God and family." We humbly pray, each day & night, bring them home safe, and end their plight. May God Bless our country's sons and daughters, for they are us and our future!
Source: Original work.