Should we be surprised by prayer? At first, connecting the words surprise and prayer seems contradictory. After all, the fact that we pray demonstrates faith in a loving Creator. But joining surprise and prayer makes absolute sense when our astonishment stems from the unlikely ways and means through which God often chooses to answer us. Our abilities to anticipate and pray are a holy gift, allowing us to enjoy moments of awestruck wonder. We invite you to join us in developing this wonderful gift so that we all might be surprised by prayer.


Military Prayers

12/1/06 - The idea of this project is to provide short prayers, devotions and scripture passages suitable for our military men and women in combat zones to use as prayers of protection, strength, courage, guidance and wisdom when going out on daily missions. Share your prayers today!

Personal Prayer Power

11/1/06 - Filming has been completed for the Personal Prayer Power series and everything turned out great! Look for more on this series, including work books and videos in 2007.

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